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yogurt & granola parfait popsicles.

These are perfect for summer! I LOVE yogurt and granola together, especially Siggi’s yogurt and Purely Elizabeth granola. So I decided to use both of these in this recipe. I also made my own raspberry chia jam to layer in each popsicle.  This recipe is also entering the contest that Purely Elizabeth is holding this week!  You have to incorporate the granola into a recipe.  Summer is my inspiration!

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peanut butter cup s’mores.

S’mores is my FAVORITE dessert… especially in the summer time.  Try replacing your chocolate with a peanut butter cup.  Yup.  I said it.  I did it.  It’s delicious.

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strawberry & nectarine salsa.

Recently featured on the Pure Barre Blog.

I absolutely love that fruit salsa is sweet and savory. Juicy fruit, spicy jalapeno’s, and crunchy onions make this recipe a delicious and unique addition to salads, a side along with chips, or on a topping on a piece of freshly grilled chicken!  After all, it’s almost summer and grilling season is practically here!

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banana maple walnut ice cream.

Let me start this post off by saying… you can make ice cream with frozen bananas ALONE.  Yup.  The texture of blended frozen bananas is basically like soft serve ice cream.  I happen to love bananas!  I love them with peanut butter, chocolate, banana pancakes, caramelized banana, banana splits…. Anyways, so I made banana ice cream.  This recipe is gluten free!  I gave the ice cream some texture by adding Purely Elizabeth’s new Maple Walnut Probiotic granola and also a dash of pure maple syrup for more sweetness.

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banana split popsicles.

treat yourself these last few weeks of summer with a banana split popsicle!  i used frozen banana and almond milk for a creamy, frozen texture along with dark chocolate and a maraschino cherry at the bottom!  This frozen treat is not only delicious… but it also packs some health benefits:

  • bananas are high in potassium
  • bananas help digestive health
  • despite a banana’s sweet taste, it has a relatively low glycemic index (good for diabetes)
  • bananas help overcome depression and improves mood
  • bananas and dark chocolate contain antioxidants
  • both bananas and dark chocolate aid in weight loss
  • dark chocolate can help reduce stress

and on that note… here’s the recipe!


#HappilyEverPacholok Wedding – Nicole & Ethan.

This weekend I got to experience real love.  One of my best friends from high school (Nicole) just got married!  She met this guy (Ethan) in Florida when she was there on vacation.  He is from Canada!!!  They started visiting each other… he came to NJ and she went to Canada.  Eventually he moved here to NJ!  They got engaged… and MARRIED!  They now run a gym (The Firm Fitness Center) in Mount Laurel, NJ.  I couldn’t even imagine Nicole being with anyone else.  Nicole and Ethan are perfect for each other!  Both of them are into living a healthy lifestyle.  This includes working out and balancing that with a healthy diet… of course with some treats here and there.  It was a real blessing to be apart of something so magical.  Congratulations you two!  You deserve the best life together! <3

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frozen watermelon margaritas.

when i think of watermelon, i think of summer!  it really is the perfect summer fruit because it’s so refreshing, tasty, and sweet.  so i bought a watermelon and started cutting it up.  and then i had a brilliant idea!  why not put this in a margarita?!  it puts a perfect twist on a margarita for summer!

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salmon & cucumber sliders with tangy lemon & dill aioli.

i’ve been really wanting to treat myself to wild alaskan salmon!  it’s a salmon that is a little darker in color, so the meat will be almost red.  it contains less saturated fat than farm raised salmon while containing more nutrients such as iron and potassium!  i also think it’s tastier 🙂 also, this is my first time using dill.  it smells like pickles… and it’s now my favorite herb to use!

dinner poultry/meat/fish

chicken teriyaki burgers + green apple & cabbage slaw.

i wanted to make sunday dinner for my boyfriend’s family and this is what i came up with!  i made chicken burgers with an asian twist and topped it with something sweet, tangy and crunchy.  perfect combination!

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papaya & roasted corn salsa.

if you know me, i love incorporating fruit into anything!  i originally thought of making a mango salsa with corn, but corn and mango are both yellow and i thought it wouldn’t look as nice.  i decided to go with papaya because it has a creamier texture than mango and the corn has a crunchy feel.  i added some spice with jalepeno and tang with some lime juice.  perfect for summer!