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spring smoothie bowl.

Happy friday day of Spring!! Even though it’s going to snow here in Jersey tonight… It’s still SPRING!! I have collaborated with another food blogger, Natalie (@justkaleitblog) on Instagram to create spring inspired smoothie bowls.  You can visit her blog at   I love collaborating with other foodies because it’s interesting to see other ideas that people have based on the same concept.  You gotta check out her instagram to see what she created for today!!  We are both Siggi’s Dairy Brand Ambassadors and we LOVE Purely Elizabeth, so we decided to include both in our smoothie bowl.

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carrot cake toaster waffles.

Make em. Freeze em. Toast em. Eat em.

These are very easy – super convenient for a busy morning! Make them the night before, a week before, a MONTH before… Freezing food comes in handy – especially if you make it yourself! That way you can be super proud that you made something so delicious and healthy  for a nutritious breakfast on a work morning.  Not to mention, they’re carrot cake flavor.  You can make any flavor you want!  I just love the fact that you can make something healthy that tastes like carrot cake… why wouldn’t you want to eat dessert for breakfast everyday?!


the truth about sugar in fruit.

There are many fad diets out there that limit carbohydrate/sugar intake… and these diets, like the Atkins diet, say to cut out fruit because of the high sugar/carb content!  I could never imagine giving up fruit because it’s high in carbohydrates.  Fruits are the earth’s candy!  That’s really what I call it because it grows on this earth and is delightfully sweet 🙂 My favorite fruits are berries, bananas, and mango.  So… is the sugar in fruit bad for you?  The answer is no.   I never deprive myself from eating a piece of fruit.  In fact, most of what I eat in a day is fruit or has some sort of fruit in it, such as a spinach salad & strawberries.  But why is the sugar in fruit different from the added sugars in fruit juice and soda?  What’s the difference?

dinner vegetarian

carrot & ginger soup.

Soup really hits the spot on a cold, winter day… especially when it’s snowing! Cozy up by the fire with a warm blanket, and eat some soup! This soup is a delicious mix of carrot and ginger, making it slightly sweet from the carrots and has a little kick from the ginger. It is a vegan, gluten free soup… unless you had a little cream or half & half at the end.. which I did, but not too much, making it perfectly creamy and tasty without making it too heavy.