dinner food vegetarian

cinnamon & honey roasted acorn squash.


This is the first time I ever made acorn squash. It’s actually the first time I’ve eaten acorn squash! They’re like tiny pumpkins. The seeds are almost exactly the same and it smelled like raw pumpkin. I often see acorn squash sliced in half and stuffed with some sort of grain and other vegetables. I decided to slice it into rings and roast it with a bunch of fall spices. I topped the warm squash with Wild Friends Honey Sunflower Butter and pomegranate seeds.

Another great thing about acorn squash is that the skin is edible!  You just have to make sure you cook the squash until the skin is soft enough to eat.  This is also a great vegan Thanksgiving dish!

breakfast food pancakes/waffles sweet breakfast

cinnamon banana pancakes with caramelized bananas.

If you’ve never caramelized bananas before.. DO IT.  They’re amazing!!  These are perfect for a Sunday morning.. add bacon if you’re feeling crazy!

By the way, I just got a new camera.  It’s a Canon T6i and it’s AMAZING!  YAY!

breakfast food pancakes/waffles sweet breakfast

spiced apple & cinnamon waffles.

A breakfast perfect for fall!


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pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies.


Everyone loves the classic chocolate chip cookie.  I decided to make it even better by adding pumpkin and spices!  This treat is perfect for the fall season 🙂 Did I mention they’re full of protein as well?  Yes, I used Kodiak Cakes!  Another interesting fact about these cookies is that they contain no eggs!  The pumpkin puree acts as a binder, just like an egg would.  Feel free to eat all the raw cookie dough you want!

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autumn harvest sausage & quinoa medley.

I’m getting really good at making one-bowl meals!  It’s super convenient and this recipe makes a whole bunch.  So you can keep it in your fridge and have it for lunch during the work week! 🙂  Here, we have a sweet & spicy maple cayenne roasted butternut squash, spicy chicken sausage, sweet and crunchy pomegranate, quinoa, and spinach.  Every ingredient plays a part in making this dish super tasty!

cookies desserts

pumpkin spice peanut butter cookies.

Wild Friends got me again!  This was another one of the seasonal flavors I purchased a few weeks ago.  I decided to make some pumpkin spice peanut butter cookies!  They turned out amazing.  I actually ended up making a cookie ice cream sandwich with salted peanut gelato 🙂 SOO good!

chocolate cupcakes/cake desserts

chocolate gingerbread cake.

I was at Wegman’s a couple of weeks ago and I found some Wild Friends peanut butter.  It took me a second to realize they were all seasonal/holiday flavors: Gingerbread, Sugar cookie, and Pumpkin spice!  Of course, I had to buy all three.  All the flavors are delicious, but the one that stood out the most in my mind was the Gingerbread flavor. It was so…. GINGERBREAD-Y!  You could really taste the spiciness of the gingerbread spices.  The ingredients include roasted peanuts, molasses, evaporated cane sugar, peanut oil, organic vanilla, and gingerbread spices.  All of these ingredients I recognize and can pronounce, which is always a good thing when you’re choosing what brands of food to buy!  So here, I made a gingerbread cake.  I actually wanted them to be brownies, but it turned out to be a deliciously moist cake.  Not complaining!  I incorporated this Gingerbread peanut butter, duh!

chocolate desserts

peanut butter pumpkin pie chocolates.

Recently featured on the Pure Barre Blog.

Recently I purchased a jar of Pumpkin Spice peanut butter – and no surprise, it’s delicious! It has a very subtle taste of pumpkin with pumpkin pie spice and, of course, peanut butter! I decided to make a peanut butter pumpkin treat. At first I was thinking pumpkin pie, but I thought it would be more fun to make a bite sized chocolate! Each ingredient contains a nutritious component.

  • dark chocolate contains antioxidants
  • peanut butter contains protein and healthy fats (Be sure to look for one without hydrogenated oils/trans fats!)
  • pumpkin is high in Vitamin A, carotenoids and fiber
  • gingersnaps … well, they are essential to any pumpkin pie dish!

This mini, tasty treat is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any party or fall dinner!

dinner pasta vegetarian

maple autumn pasta salad.

Everything about this pasta salad screams AUTUMN!!!!  No really, it actually screams.  No not really, but your tummy screams of excitement because it’s so delicious! 🙂 Anyway, silliness aside, this pasta salad is sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy, and yummy.  I added Siggi’s yogurt to make it creamy along with adding more protein to the dish.  I found a delicious maple balsamic dressing by Stonewall Kitchen at Wegman’s.  I believe it goes perfectly with this salad!

breakfast desserts food muffins sweet breakfast

cranberry, orange, & ginger muffins.

I received some Purely Elizabeth products in the mail to try out!  The one product was the mango almond muesli, which I have never tried muesli in my life!  So, I am very excited to try that.  The other product was the cranberry pecan ancient grain granola + puffs cereal.  I cannot find this in stores, so again, very excited.  I thought about what I could do with it besides just having it for breakfast with almond milk and banana (YUM!).  I thought about muffins and how it would be a good topping, kinda of like streusel, except healthier.  I then saw that I had a orange & ginger flavored Siggi’s yogurt in my fridge and WAH-LAH… cranberry, orange, & ginger muffins were born.  Perfect for breakfast or brunch… or a snack with tea 🙂