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vanilla espresso almond crunch bars.


You know crunch bars? They remind me of the candy you get on Halloween. Well, I made a healthier, simpler version using only 5 ingredients; one of the ingredients being Wild Friends Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter.

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vanilla espresso rice krispy treats.


I had a whole box of Brown Rice Krispies in my pantry, and I thought… Rice Krispy Treats! Then I thought, how could I make these a little different than the original rice krispy treat? I could use some almond butter – vanilla espresso almond butter! I added some vanilla coffee creamer and WAH-LAH… Vanilla Espresso Rice Krispy Treats!

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vanilla espresso & coconut donuts.

Happy National Donut Day!  This is a day that must be celebrated.  Who doesn’t love donuts?! I used a couple of my favorite brands (Kodiak Cakes and Wild Friends) to make these delicious vanilla espresso & coconut donuts.  Another great thing about this recipe is that it’s super protein packed!  Healthy can be tasty! 🙂