introducing ‘love food again’.

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if you follow me on insta (@livelaughyum), you are fully aware that i’ve been working on something SO special. when quarantine started, i knew i had to fill my time with something valuable. this is what i came up with – an ONLINE COURSE paired with 1:1 COACHING! but not just any online course – it’s a course that is geared towards finding your unique food freedom. the course is called love food again.

i honestly couldn’t have thought of a better name if i tried. my journey of overcoming an eating disorder, to being obsessed with eating ‘clean’, to now finding my food freedom is defined as just that – i love food again. i’ve always loved food – i would wake my parents up for breakfast every morning when i was little because i loved breakfast SO MUCH. i was determined to get back to that point – to loving food again like i did when i was a child. but now, i know so much more. i am gifted with the knowledge of nutrition! i can use this knowledge to eat what i want based off my internal body cues and awareness of nutrition and food labels. there’s a fine balance you must find for yourself and i can’t necessarily sit here and tell everyone the same thing – because everyone is different!

i can certainly tell you the components that make up food freedom – but i have to really hone in on each of you individually to work through how you can do that for yourself. and that’s exactly why i created this program – love food again.

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