why i love siggi’s yogurt.

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For a little over a year now, I haven’t eaten any other yogurt besides Siggi’s.  Not only because I think it tastes good, but because of the nutrition and mission statements of their company.  I loved their product so much, I became a Brand Ambassador!  This means that I promote their product on social media, support what they stand for, eat LOTS of Siggi’s, and work nearby events for Siggi’s.

Last weekend, I represented Siggi’s at Shop Rite in Medford, NJ.  I worked the table full of yogurt samples and continued to tell people all about Siggi’s.  I decided to do a post all about Siggi’s because I had a lot of the same questions come up from shoppers trying the yogurt.  Here are a couple of the repeated questions I received:

  • Why is this yogurt so thick?
  • This yogurt has 9g of sugar and is more tart than another brand I eat with 7g of sugar. Why?
  • I’ve never heard of Siggi’s! – not a question, but I told them all about it! 🙂
  • What makes Siggi’s different than other yogurt?

Why is this yogurt so thick?

Siggi’s yogurt is super thick, maybe even thicker than Greek yogurt!  But it is not Greek yogurt, it’s Icelandic yogurt!  Siggi’s strains all the liquid (whey) out of their milk to make their yogurt, which means all your left with is a delicious, creamy yogurt.  YUM!

This yogurt has 9g of sugar and is more tart than another brand I eat with 7g of sugar.  Why?

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS PEOPLE!  I took this shopper over to the brand that they consume.  I picked it up, turned it around so I could read the ingredients – SUCRALOSE!  Sucralose is Splenda.  Splenda is 600x sweeter than sugar.  YES – 600x!  This is why the shopper’s brand of yogurt is much sweeter, but shows less grams of sugar in one serving.

I’ve never heard of Siggi’s!

Well, let me tell you a little more about the brand!  Siggi’s is an Icelandic yogurt, like I stated above.  There are no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no preservatives, no gelatin, and no high fructose corn syrup!  The yogurt is made from grass-fed cows and is non-GMO verified.  I tell people that “Siggi’s is REAL!”

What makes Siggi’s different than any other yogurt?

Of course, everything I stated above could answer this question, but I have a fun fact I wanted to share!  It takes 4x the amount of milk to make 1 serving of Siggi’s than it does for another leading yogurt brand – because of the straining process!  WOW!  This is why Siggi’s is FULL of protein!  There is more protein than sugar in one cup of Siggi’s.  🙂


Many people tell me I have converted them over to the Siggi’s brand… I hope after reading this post you consider looking at your nutrition labels people! Count chemicals, not calories!

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