the truth about sugar in fruit.

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There are many fad diets out there that limit carbohydrate/sugar intake… and these diets, like the Atkins diet, say to cut out fruit because of the high sugar/carb content!  I could never imagine giving up fruit because it’s high in carbohydrates.  Fruits are the earth’s candy!  That’s really what I call it because it grows on this earth and is delightfully sweet 🙂 My favorite fruits are berries, bananas, and mango.  So… is the sugar in fruit bad for you?  The answer is no.   I never deprive myself from eating a piece of fruit.  In fact, most of what I eat in a day is fruit or has some sort of fruit in it, such as a spinach salad & strawberries.  But why is the sugar in fruit different from the added sugars in fruit juice and soda?  What’s the difference?

Whole fruits contain fiber.  This is the main reason why eating fruit is completely healthy.  Added sugars in fruit juice, however, contain no fiber.  This means all the fructose in fruit juice hits your liver super fast – faster than it can process the fructose.  The only cells in the body that can handle fructose are the liver cells; so if fructose hits the liver too fast, it can have potentially negative consequences on the body.  The liver turns too much fructose into fat.  This is exactly why fruit juice and soda should be avoided!  Eating whole fruit will slow down the digestion process of fructose, resulting in the fructose hitting the liver at a rate where it can digest it without having a negative effect on the body.

Eat whole fruit.  Avoid fruit juice and soda.  Add banana to your oatmeal.  Eat strawberries with some dark chocolate.  Grab an apple on the go.  Peel an orange.  Make a blueberry smoothie.  Slice some watermelon.  Poach a pear.  Grill a peach.  Try and cut a pomegranate without making a huge mess.  ENJOY THE SWEETNESS!




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