salted caramel cookie cups.

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Want a last minute/super simple recipe for New Years?  If you’re having a get together, these will surely win your guests over.  You only need two things for this recipe: cookie dough and salted caramels.  Baking these two ingredients together results in tiny morsels of ooey gooey deliciousness.  They are sweet, salty, crunch, and chewy.  The best part is that they are bite-size.. so you can just pop it in your mouth!  Well, maybe in two bites to savor them. 🙂

RECIPE: (makes 24 cups)

  • prepared cookie dough – comes with 24 servings (I used Annie’s Homegrown cookie dough)
  • salted caramels (I used salted caramels from Whole Foods- they are pretty big, so I cut them in 4 quarters- I ended up using 6 of them)


  • preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • grease 2 mini cupcake pans (12 cups in each)
  • take 1 piece of cookie dough, flatten it slightly
  • use your finger and press into the center
  • add 1 piece of salted caramel and push it down
  • add to cupcake pan
  • repeat with the rest
  • bake for about 10-12 minutes until slightly browned (I like them doughy, so I baked for 10)
  • remove from cupcake pan and let cool
  • optional: sprinkle with more sea salt
  • serve! (with almond milk) 🙂 CHEERS!


Happy New Year 2016!

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