eating small, frequent meals: why it works.

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I’ve recently seen that more and more people want to make a healthy lifestyle for themselves.  Therefore, many people are starting to grasp the concept of eating small, frequent meals throughout the day.  This is better for weight loss and weight maintenance.  Also,  people that practice this are less likely to be overweight.  Here’s why!

Eating small meals throughout the day, maybe 6 meals, can keep your metabolism going stronger throughout the day.  The standard 3 meals per day slows down your metabolism.  This is because a larger amount of food is consumed in these 3 meals, and there is a larger gap of time where your metabolism isn’t as active, slowing it down and resulting in weight gain.

Eating more meals throughout the day can help you get variety in your diet.  When you eat 6 small meals a day, you can choose 6 different variations of food to eat.  With 3 meals per day, you only get to choose 3 variations of food with larger portions of each.  Nutrient balance is a large component and is a great benefit to eating more frequent meals.

Lastly, eating frequently can allow your blood sugar to be steady throughout your day.  Your energy will remain stable during the day instead of getting a blood sugar crash when you have not eaten for a longer period of time.  Eating larger, more infrequent meals can cause your blood sugar to spike right after a meal, then crash later on.  When you eat smaller meals at numerous times of the day, your blood sugar will remain at a more stable rate, preventing a crash.

Eat small, frequent meals!  This will help with blood sugar levels, weight loss, weight maintenance, prevent weight gain and prevent nutrient imbalance.

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