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I just want to talk a little bit about my fitbit flex because it has changed my perspective on tracking my food and exercise.  I used to use myfitnesspal, so this sort of reminds me of using that, but this is so much better!  You can set your own goals depending on whether or not you want to lose weight, maintain weight or even gain weight.  I use it to maintain my weight.

The fitbit flex tracks your daily activity (steps taken, distance walked or ran, and sleep).  It syncs to your smart phone or computer, so you can keep track of how you’re doing throughout the day.  Because the fitbit does not have a screen you can only see your progress on your phone, which is fine for me because I always have my phone on me.  It is really cool to see your sleeping pattern.  You can see when you were in deep sleep, restless sleep and when you wake up in the middle of the night.

When you set up your fitbit to your personal settings, you put in your weight, height and gender.  It calculates how many calories you have to eat for the day to maintain, lose or gain weight.  You can set your current weight and your goal weight and it will calculate it from there.  Throughout the day it calculates how many calories you burn and in turn tells you how many calories you have left to eat for the day.  I love this because it gives me an idea of what I should be eating.  I am often under my calorie intake for the day!  It gives you 3 ranges: under, in the zone (within 50 calories of your set calorie intake for the day) or over.  I try to get myself in the zone most days.  Sometimes I don’t even notice that I am under my calorie mark!  So I eat a spoonful of peanut butter before bed and I get myself where I need to be for my body’s needs.  I love the fitbit for this reason.

Water intake is another thing that you can track.  You can set your goal of water intake in fl. oz.  I try and get to 42 oz per day, yet it is hard for me to drink that much water!  I tend to forget to drink water, but the fitbit helps me stay mindful of drinking water!

This particular fitbit (the flex) does not show your heart rate, but it does calculate your active minutes for the day.  You can log your exercise in yourself or if you take a quick run, your active minutes spike up on their own!  For instance, I had to chase the little boy I nanny around the park the other day, and my active minutes spiked up!  It was really cool to see.

When you double tap the surface of your fitbit flex, there are 5 lights that can be lit.  According to your goal, it shows you how far along you are to reaching that goal throughout the day using those 5 lights.  If I am 1/5 of the way to my goal (my goal it to burn 1800 calories a day), one of the 5 lights will be lit.  When you reach your daily goal, the fitbit vibrates and all the lights will light up, telling you that you reached your goal!  It is a super exciting thing to see! 🙂

My overall review of the fitbit flex is that you should absolutely BUY IT!  It’s so worth it if you’re into tracking your exercise and calories without being too obsessive.  Remember, use it to be HEALTHY!  Get enough calories for your body and make sure you’re exercising your heart! <3

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