disadvantages of diet soda.

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Diet soda is usually consumed because a person is trying to lose weight.  People still want to have the pleasure of being able to drink soda or sugar-sweetened beverages without the calories.  Unfortunately, this is not the best approach for several reasons.

Diet soda consists of aspartame or sucralose (splenda) and has a sweeter flavor than sugar!  Consuming artificial sweeteners still affects your body the same way sugar does.  It triggers the insulin in your body, making your body store fat, which leads to weight gain.  Tricking your body with artificial sweeteners only makes you want more sugar.  So, there is an association with diet soda and weight gain – which gives a person the opposite results that they are trying to achieve.

Diet soda doesn’t nourish your body.  It has zero calories, but it is not a substitute for water!  If you are craving the bubbles, drink sparkling water instead.  By drinking diet soda, you are just drinking chemicals, which are harmful to your body.

There have been studies that prove that diet soda is linked to high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and depression.  Although more research is needed.

Avoid diet soda!  Drink water or sparking water.  There are too many people counting calories and not enough people counting chemicals!

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