slow weight loss vs rapid weight loss.

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This is what your plate should look like everyday!  Half the plate is fruits and vegetables always! 🙂

I took a class called Overweight and Obesity last term, and I came across a concept that I found particularly interesting.  I think it’s very important to know, so I’m sharing it on here!

Everyone is always trying to see fast results when losing weight. There are these “fad diets” such as the Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, etc.  I never liked any of these diets.  Why?  Because they cut out food groups, which I don’t think is necessary.  The amount of calories you eat will make you gain weight, not eating certain food groups.  The reason why fruits and vegetables are important is because of the nutrients they provide!  They are low in calories, yes, but if someone eats 3 donuts a day and is expending more calories than they are taking in, they are still going to lose weight!  Is it unhealthy?  Yes.  Should you do it?  No.  Eating a balanced diet is HEALTHY and will sustain energy and prevent disease.

Anyway, on to the topic of slow weight loss vs rapid weight loss.  These “fad diets” are made for rapid weight loss.  People cut out carbohydrates to see results in as little as a couple days!  The problem with this is… this is not a lifestyle change.  Maintaining weight loss depends on changing one’s lifestyle to eat a healthy, balanced diet and get exercise regularly.  Usually on the Atkins diet, one stops the diet once they reach their goal weight, which won’t take long.  Drastically changing your diet to cut out carbohydrates will help you see results, but once you’re done the diet, you drastically change it back to the way you were eating before.  This will help you see the results disappear fast.  My point?  Slow weight loss helps a person get used to a healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight loss.  Exercise and eating well should be a part of daily life.  Losing weight gradually will also give a person more energy throughout their day because it is also important to make sure a person consumes enough calories to function during the day.

A lot of people say they don’t have the “time” to eat healthy, but it doesn’t really take a lot of effort if you know what you’re doing!  Losing weight gradually will get you used to this lifestyle. 🙂

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