balance is key.

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ever since i stopped swimming about 4 years ago, i was literally obsessed with staying in shape.  my worst fear was that i was going to gain all sorts of weight.  just recently, i would say the end of august, i feel like i finally found a healthy medium.  i don’t get upset if i don’t make it to the gym.  in fact, i think it’s more healthy for me NOT to go everyday.  i try to make it 3-4 times a week.  i do work as a waitress, so my shifts are long and walk the whole entire time so that really helps me out.  i treat myself to a lot more than i used to.  i don’t cut out EVERYTHING that is bad for me.  i don’t count calories anymore.  i know what is good for me and what my stomach can’t handle.  i don’t OVEREAT.  that is very important.  overeating can cause anyone to feel terrible!  no matter what you’re eating.  i am not on a diet, i am healthy!  i’ve been eating a lot more throughout the day than i used to.  i feel like i would have  a big breakfast, go to the gym and then eat almost nothing until dinner besides a nutrition bar.  NOT healthy.  i eat well all day long and i’ve felt and seen a difference!  i might even like my body… wait no.  but my view on my own body is all in my head.  i’ve had a more positive outlook on how i see myself.  i’ve been physically happier and i can feel it!  maybe don’t care as much.. maybe find a medium,  a balance.  balance is key.  happiness is wonderful!  🙂


  1. This is awesome, Gabby. I went through something similar last summer, and I feel like I’ve found my happy medium too 🙂 I’m excited to attempt one of your creative pancake recipes this weekend! I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep up the positive vibes and the impressive cooking blog.

    Oh, the recipes that call for yogurt – do you have any substitution suggestions?


    1. thank you so much!! well usually i use yogurt instead of butter! so butter is a substitute but if you’re looking for something more healthy and less fattening i would use applesauce! it won’t be as creamy but it will give cakes and such their moistness 🙂

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