the color run.

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today i did the color run in philadelphia with my best friend stephanie barone!  

Imageit was really one of the best experiences i’ve ever had.  everyone was so happy and friendly.  it was literally called “the happiest 5K on earth”!  during the 5K, there were different stations where people threw colorful powder on you!  that’s how we got so messy 🙂 .  when we got there, we picked up our packets and shirts!  in our packets, there were temporary tattoos that we put on us. 

Imageso fun!  

the race was not too long, not too short.  it was perfect for me because i really only run mid-distance when i’m by myself!  most i’ve ran was 5 miles this year.  also, at one of the color stations during the run, a photographer took a picture of me and asked for my name and where i was from!  i’m super excited to see if my picture will be in the philadelphia inquire newspaper!  i’ll keep a look out.  

after the run, there was a dance party and every 10 minute we would do what was called a “color throw”.  everyone got a packet of colorful powder and we all counted down from 10 and at the same time threw the powder in the air! 

Imageit was INCREDIBLE!  

so getting up at 4am to be the first in line for the race was SO worth it!  because me and steph got to experience the whole thing start to finish!  the funny thing is, when we were heading back to the car to go home, there were still so many people that haven’t ran yet!  haha!!! early birddddds! 



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