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i just graduated as a math major from rowan university!  i couldn’t be more proud of myself!  when i think of the past 5 years and how hard i worked, how many hours i spent in the library, the days i spent literally freaking out about my math tests, all the math classes i actually took (A LOT), how many things i still don’t understand from those classes (hahahaa, so true) and how much i thought i wasn’t going to pass my classes (didn’t get one D!!!) makes me so honored to get my bachelor of math and sciences.  my whole family was there.  my parents are divorced and i’m pretty sure that was the first time both families were together in the same place.  it felt so great to have my family together because i know they were there for a reason, no matter how hard it was for everyone, they were all there for me.  i couldn’t have asked for more! 

Imageafter graduation, my dad took me, my sister and his side of the family out to lunch.  i then went home to my mom’s house and she threw me a BEAUTIFUL graduation dinner with her side of the family.  we ate that a table outside on toscana’s grill on route 70.  it was amazing! 

Imagemy grandparents used to own a bakery and when i was little i would go in and eat anything i wanted!  it was HEAVEN!!!  they retired when i was about 12 years old… but they do in fact still have their amazing baking skills!  so every year for my birthday i get a strawberry shortcake.  they indeed made me one for my graduation!!!! AHH.




my boyfriend didn’t make it to dinner because he was sick 🙁 he felt super bad that he couldn’t make it because he knew it was important to me!  it was quite a bummer but i understood.  i love him so much and he really works hard every single day at work.  i really do appreciate the hard work he does because i know it’s not easy!  he is a welder and he wakes up at 5 am every day to do some intense work!  i’m super proud of him.  but anyway, he was sick and he could not make it.  the next day i went over his house and he surprised me with GORGEOUS flowers 🙂 

Imageit was such a great end to a great graduation weekend.  i couldn’t ask for more from the people that i love!  





  1. Gabby- I loved reading your post about graduation. Congrats on your degree and lots o hard work! I love reading your blog as well! Keiren (Dunfee)

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