Wine is cupcakes best friend

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i am french! half french to be exact. and i am also the hugest cupcake enthusiast EVER! and i love wine 🙂


Different-Types-of-Wine-Infographic-Chart by cupcakepedia

If you are French, and you adore cupcakes, chances are you would love to pair them up with wines, too. Sparking wine, fortified wine, red wine, gosh, I am totally in love with wine, and of course cupcakes, too.

Even though I am French, I still get puzzled sometimes by so many wine choices on the market these days. How to pair up the perfect wine with my cupcakes (sweet, savory, spicy, etc.etc…)? That’s the question. That’s why I am delighted to see this wine chart over at winefolly. What a great idea to put all the wines together in one chart! You can actually get a poster now for these.

To understand wine, and cupcakes, these are probably the two top priorities in my life. How about you? Mother’s Day is coming, why not get a bottle or two to celebrate? Cupcakes and wine, two of the best things…

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