eating healthy is not a “diet”… it’s a lifestyle choice.

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i feel like lately i’ve been criticized for the way that i eat.  i can go over the top sometimes with a lot of things, especially food.  when i say “over the top” i mean with indulging in foods that are not so good for me as well.  i eat healthy because i CHOOSE to.  it makes me feel amazing and great about myself.  my body is the only one i have; i want to keep it as healthy and in shape as possible.  life is short!!  take care of your body.  your stomach is not a waste basket.  intake the foods that are going to make you feel alive and energized!  of course, i treat myself; but that is the fun part!! i eat well and train hard so i can earn my treats and guilty cravings.  and guess what?  i don’t feel bad about it 🙂 ! so everyone that tells me i need to stop dieting… i’m not “dieting”. i am simply living a healthy lifestyle.  simple as that.  

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