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my sister is my best friend. she is 21 years old, so she is 2 years younger than me. it’s funny because we had both agreed recently that we would NEVER be friends if we weren’t sisters because we are completely opposite!! but we always stick together no matter what. we have the strongest bond even though we fight so much. that’s what makes it special for me. i will always be there for her and i would sacrifice anything to not lose her; and i know she would do the same for me.


  1. I love your blog!!! I came across it last week. I don’t really cook and you have inspired me! I am on a weightloss journey as well… Thanks for sharing your recipes!!!

  2. AWESOME!! thank you for your feedback!! I try to make my recipes easy, healthy but still delicious!! it’s my passion; I’m so happy I have motivated you and inspired you the recipes will keep coming!!

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