stellar – incubus.

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stellar - incubus.

this is my second tattoo. i’ve always wanted one, but i was afraid to get a tattoo because i know it would be on my body FOREVER. so when i finally decided what i wanted, there was no going back. this is a quote from one of my favorite songs by my favorite band incubus. i like this quote because it’s almost an impossible thing. i love make believe. this quote reminds me of getting lost in your own feelings for someone or something. it reminds me of having such a strong passion for something you love that you’re willing to do anything for it or that person. i love this because i feel like it defines me and how i look at my life and the things in it even though most people will not fully understand why. be yourself, be your own person. there is no reason why you should want to be anyone else.

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  1. God damnit. You know, i have You Are Stellar across my chest, and these were going to be my second set of lyrics, from my favorite song… by my favorite band. Great minds think alike. Beautiful ink

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